Yelp Reviews and other Testimonials

“Yelp needs more than five stars for people like BRENDA WYATT. As first time homebuyers, we were pretty clueless on the whole process of buying a home. Brenda went out her way details of the loan process and literally could not have done it without her. She was always very prompt in answering emails and returning phone calls. She kept us updated throughout the whole process. She’s very efficient, responsive, and professional. We highly recommend Brenda, especially if you’re a first time buyer. She’ll take the time to explain what can be quite a complicated process.”

– Sonam W. 08/04/2014

“We found Brenda through the yelp reviews. She exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Brenda was extremely responsive, professional and very patience.
Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions that you make in your life and it was such a joy to have a Brenda that we could trust to help us through the crazy process of purchasing a home. Specially, first time home buyer just call Brenda… she is real deal.
We would highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking to buy a house. Wish we had more stars to click. (BRENDA THE GREAT)”

– Ngawang L. 08/01/2014

“This review is for Brenda Wyatt who is exceptional! While we communicated mostly over email and phone, she responded at all times to questions that we had. She explained everything and made the process infinitely easier for us as we were first time home-buyers. She is personable and always steered us in the right direction. We greatly enjoyed working with her as she is a highly organized person, which is an asset to have on your side. Her coworker, Vealetta, was also a great help. After our loan closed, she helped me with a problem at the title company and offered to help if I had any other questions that came up.
If you want someone who will help you through all the forms and documentation, explain the process in the clearest manner, and who also is a kind and professional mortgage advisor, then Brenda Wyatt is a great choice. We can say nothing, but give the highest praise and recommend her to anyone!”

– Natasha J. 07/29/2014

“Brenda and Vealetta handled everything and were quick to respond when we had questions. As for time home buyers this was very important to us. They were professional and courteous throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend using them.”

–  Sunly C. 07/03/2014

“I am grateful to Brenda for her knowledge and personal support during my recent re-finance. From beginning to end, Brenda was there for me. At each step, she patiently explained the process and answered questions to help me understand the requirements and all the terms of my loan. She was quick to respond to e-mail and telephone queries, and met with me personally to review my questions and concerns. She and her assistant Vealetta spent time and effort to resolve technical issues which were unique to my situation. Brenda expedited the timely closing of my loan, coordinating with all parties involved. Her good guidance gave me assurance and reduced my anxiety during the entire process. She went above and beyond. She truly was my personal Mortgage Advisor and I appreciate her professionalism and guidance.”

– Sharon C. 07/01/2014

“I just bought a home with Brenda’s help. I am so thankful to Brenda and her assistant. I found them to both be very personable. Brenda was always responsive to my questions. If you are thinking about giving her a call, don’t hesitate.”

– Lida N. 07/01/2014

“Working with Brenda Wyatt was nothing short of stellar. It’s amazing when you meet people who seem to magically make things happen!Because we are self-employed, my husband and I were nervous about applying for a mortgage. Brenda made it very simple for us. She patiently explained the mortgage application process, provided us with clear instructions, and gave us the heads up about the kinds of information lenders might need. She consistently took the time to answer questions that came up. She was always very professional, yet in a warm and very sweet way.Throughout the process of selling our condo and making an offer on a home, Brenda and her amazing assistant Vealetta were in constant communication with us. I imagine that since we are self-employed, it probably caused some behind-the-scenes headaches and amped up the volume of paperwork, but they never let on. In the end, not only did Brenda get us a mortgage with an awesome rate, she was able to close our loan in 19 days.In short, if you’re looking for a mortgage, give Brenda a call. You won’t regret it!”

– Christine C. 06/02/2014

“My experience with Brenda started with me calling her office and leaving a message, urgently needing a pre-approval letter for an offer I wanted to make, on a Saturday afternoon.  Brenda called me back within an hour, was extremely helpful, and got me the needed document that evening.
From that moment, Brenda highly available and worked hard to make my home-buying experience the best it could be.  I had some very unique financial situations that needed to be worked through, and Brenda and her assistant took them in stride and remained pleasant and helpful throughout. I loved that fact that we were able to complete the application online, upload my documents to her secure server and electronically sign the disclosures, with my travel schedule that helped make the process stress-free.I could not recommend Brenda highly enough.  She was very open and clear about all of the steps that needed to be gone through, many of which I was not aware of, and she managed to make something that has the reputation of being a painful, drawn out experience, the exact opposite.  I highly recommend utilizing Brenda’s knowledge and professional services when you next need them.
Thank you!!”

-Lynn M. 03/12/2014

“I had the “Holy Grail” of home loans…. and Brenda never gave up on me!  Every time we would get close to finishing another obstacle would be thrown in our path.  I became very discouraged and I honestly never thought I would become a homeowner.  Brenda was always encouraging. I have been in my home for over a year now and I am thankful everyday that Brenda was so persistent and never gave up even when I thought there was no hope! I have recommended many friends and colleagues to Brenda and all have that have used her also sing her praises.”

– Laini P. 03/07/2014

“We chose Brenda as our loan officer before starting our house buying process. She was recommended to me by a friend. She is professional, friendly, and knowledgable. My partner and I are both professionals with pretty inflexible hours, but that was not an issue for Brenda. She made herself available when we were both available to talk with her. She helped us get a loan to purchase our first home. She was fast, accurate, and made the process easy. She introduced us to realtors and had at least one contact for anything we needed throughout the process.”

– Jessica T. 03/01/2014

“I contacted Brenda to discuss my refinance options. She was extremely patient with my barrage of questions and scenarios and gave me all the time and information I needed to feel comfortable in order to move forward with my plan.   Brenda Wyatt is a professional that goes above and beyond your expectations for the best rate and service.  She takes the guess work out of financing. I found Brenda to be the most honest, knowledgeable and patient loan officer. I highly recommend working with Brenda.”

– Nina G. 02/10/2014

“I must say that this was my first house I have ever purchased. Brenda was always available and willing to answer all my questions. She made sure I had the right info to make a good and educated decision about how to proceed with my buy. I will use her again when it comes to my next purchase. It was a great experience. Thanks Brenda.”

– Glenn H. 02/03/2014

“Brenda Wyatt moved like lightening to prepare a pre-approval letter within 25 minutes of our request on a Sunday night. Brenda’s experience and trustworthy advice prepared my partner and I for the huge responsibilities and knowledge required to purchase our first home the right way. We were able to meet with Brenda on recommendation from a friend and we could not have asked for a better referral. Brenda did a fantastic job for us by making purchasing our home a painless and rewarding process.”

– Rodger T. 01/06/2014

“I contacted Brenda after reading about her in the SF Chronicle. We had difficulty refinancing our daughter’s home with Bank of America. After my first conversation with Brenda, I felt confident in her ability to get it done. We were initially working with Bank of America for 4 months. Brenda got it done in less than a month with an awesome rate. I highly recommend her services. The nice thing is she stays in touch long after the transaction. It become much more than a business relationship which is nice in this time automated response systems and overseas call centers.”

-Doug M. 11/25/2013

“Brenda Wyatt is great to work with.  My wife and I worked with Brenda to get our first home loan and then a year later worked with her again to refinance due to favorable market conditions.

My wife and I were new to the all the mortgage lingo and knew very little about requirements and specifics of the process. Brenda took the time to explain the process to us and answer all of our newbie questions without making us feel inferior for our lack of knowledge.

Brenda has excellent customer service and follow through.  We were always able to get a hold of her through email and phone calls, sometimes even after normal business hours.  I had some property tax questions many months after we closed escrow, so I called Brenda for some help.  I left her a voicemail and she called me back right away !

Given the opportunity, I would definitely choose to work with Brenda in the future.”

-Jeremy W. 10/15/13

“Great experience with Brenda Wyatt.  She was fast and thorough, but also helpful and warm in her explanations of things to me.  I’m not an experienced person when it comes to real estate, and I really feel like I’ve been helped through the process.  And my refinance has me saving almost $900/month!”

-Will F. 09/03/13

“You don’t get any better than BRENDA WYATT.  I am a first-time homebuyer.  Throughout the 9 months it took to get an offer accepted and all the way up to closing, Brenda was responsive, knowledgeable, patient, helpful, efficient, professional and true pleasure to work with.  I can’t count the number of times my agent requested a pre-approval letter late in the evening and weekends and Brenda always responded either the same night or at the crack of dawn the next morning.  She found me an excellent rate and closed escrow in record time with ABSOLUTELY NO STRESS!!  I couldn’t believe how smooth the process was and it is wholly because of Brenda.  I will recommend anyone I can to her and will definately use her in the future.  She has earned the 5 stars you see over and over again here.

-Kimberly T. 06/05/13

“We worked with Brenda Wyatt on our recent first-time home purchase. She helped us with an FHA loan and was awesome. From our first interaction with Brenda to the close of escrow was almost 2 years and she remained helpful, available, and attentive throughout the whole process. She answered all of our questions and always had time to talk to us either in person, by phone, or via email. She also worked around our schedules and worked with us on weekends and evenings which was invaluable.
We spoke to a few other mortgage people before choosing one and are glad that we chose Brenda! We were never made to feel like our modest budget was not worth her time or like we were just another client. She was engaged and patient with us throughout the whole process. And she also got us a great rate :)”

-Alison R. 05/04/13

“This review is for Brenda Wyatt.    Her creativity and knowledge made the complex journey of financing our home as smooth as possible.  She was responsive, patient and proactive, instrumental in helping us navigate the way to the finish line with this major purchase.   Thank you Brenda!  We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

-Angela S. 03/28/13

“I had the pleasure of working with Brenda Wyatt for both my first home purchase and my refinance a year later.
Brenda was extremely thorough, but above all patient and kind! She was willing to answer my millions and millions of questions, and at one point even orchestrated a little “Group therapy” session when she and my realtor and I couldn’t agree on something.
Not to mention that she got me incredible deals both times! I will most definitely be working with Brenda again in the future!”

-Katia F. 03/13/13

“Brenda Wyatt successfully helped me navigate a complicated and frustrating refinance effort. My prior efforts had not been successful, in part because the complexity of my financials. Brenda was able to fully understand our current situation and desired outcome, and chart a course all the way from the initial application to final funding. She handled the unforeseen roadblocks aggressively and quickly using all of her considerable resources. I highly recommend her for finance/refinance needs. Brenda is amazing, a first-rate professional.”

-Leah M 02/08/13

“Brenda Wyatt is the best. She patiently helped us, two first time home buyers, with a multitude of questions and made sense of paperwork that seemed to be in another language. Her years of experience in the Bay Area proved most helpful.  She recommended our Realtor (who was fantastic) and knew many people in all aspects of the business. She responded quickly to our inquiries and was polite, professional and positive. Highly recommended for your mortgage needs.  Thanks Brenda!”

-Bryce A 11/11/12

“We just closed on our 1st home and Brenda Wyatt helped to make the process stress-free! I asked lots of questions often the same question until I understood. She was patient, and always available. Brenda is a pleasure to work with. She was referred by my Realtor. My husband and I were very happy with the entire process.”

-Amari S 7/26/11

“I just recently closed on a house in Oakland.  It is a dream home.  I wholeheartedly recommend Brenda Wyatt as a broker.  She was professional, courteous and responsive.  In the end, I secured a FHA mortgage in an unbelievable timeframe.  A little over 3 weeks.  The industry norm is 2 months.  Brenda was very much on top of everything.  She responded to e-mails on the weekend, and gave me frequent updates.  I’m just so happy to have a house of my own now.  And I give my sincerest thanks to Brenda and her wonderful team.”

-Shaun K 2/28/10

“I was looking for a mortgage broker and found Brenda here, on YELP. Brenda  was patient and as helpful as one could hope for. She walked me through the entire loan process.  She knows the East Bay so well.  She also has resources for just about anything one might need, related to housing.  I recommend Brenda 100%.   The entire process took less than a month!”

-Yumi M 01/01/10

“Brenda Wyatt was a pleasure to work with. Before deciding to work with Brenda, I spoke with a number of loan officers and none provided the quiet confidence and knowledge that she did. She made the intimidating mortgage process very user-friendly. To top it off, Brenda practically hand delivered my file to the underwriter for the best service and fastest approval. I can’t say enough good things about Brenda Wyatt–if you want some one who is knowledgeable about the current market, someone who goes the extra mile and leaves no stone unturned…she’s the loan officer for you.”

-Nichelle R 08/05/09


September 10, 2013